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Our mission is to build a gym that is accessible for all.

To create an Educational, Entertaining, Friendly and Inviting environment that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family and our community.

We offer a wide range of instructor lead studio classes in addition to two gym areas & a cycling studio.


If you have a great idea or think we need to to change something, we appreciate all feedback.

You can get in touch via the LiveChat function, or by leaving a message at the bottom of the page.

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Class Booking

Shortly after you set up your membership you will receive an email containing your unique login number and a link to the Ashbourne app (YourApp plus).

Once you have the app, login using your email address and your unique login number.

The app will recognise which gym/s you are a member of and allow you to book Phoenix Zone studio classes from there.

Should you prefer to book using a browser interface, simply click the link below and login using your email / unique login number to make a class booking.

With 3 Great Zones

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Cancellations / Direct Debit Inquiries

We won't lock you into a lengthy notice period. Should you decide to discontinue your membership, or you have a query about your Direct Debit there are a few options available to you:



Members can email our team at



Text the word ‘Help’ to 60777 to submit your details and reach out to our Memberships Team with any Direct Debit queries

Live Chat


Visit our Members Portal to start a live chat with a member of the team at

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